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The Kessler Collection’s search for the next great artist.
Earlier this year, we issued an open call to emerging artists across the country, looking for The Next Original. More than 1,800 artists submitted their work—over 5,000 pieces in total. Visit our online Grand Bohemian Gallery to browse the winning artists’ work and add a piece to your collection.

An artful twist.
Richard Kessler handpicked nine finalists to come to Savannah, Georgia to display their work. Each finalist inspired Mr. Kessler in their own unique way. So when it came time to unveil The Next Original, he revealed his own unique twist—all nine finalists would be named The Next Original, have their art featured in Times Square and in Grand Bohemian Galleries across the country in 2023.

At The Kessler Collection, we truly believe people want to be inspired. We would like to thank every artist who submitted work for this year’s contest—you truly inspired us. Please join us in congratulating our 2022 winners.

Deirdre Barrett


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Deirdre Barrett is a Harvard dream researcher, published author, and digital artist whose own dreams inspired her current work. Her digital painting techniques bring a reality to the dreaming world’s fantasies and magical events while exploring the thin boundaries between the inanimate and the sentient of our collective unconscious.


Shannon Fannin


Austin, Texas

Born 1969 in California, artist Shannon “Shan” Fannin brings vehicles to life with a combination of photorealism and abstraction. Painting in a unique style using acrylics, hands, and brushes allows her to focus on the vehicle while giving a hint of the abstract surroundings. Fannin travels within the United States and internationally to photograph vehicles, and talk with their owners to enhance her creative process.


Olga Furman


East Brunswick, New Jersey

Olga Furman is a portrait artist and painter originally from Russia. She has now lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years where she opened her own art studio, teaching art to kids and adults, and passing on the joy of creativity to others, including her more than 30,000 fans on social media.


Alfredo Gonzalez


Oxnard, California

A graduate of The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, the artwork of Alfredo Gonzalez conveys disrupted realism while exploring the nature of human experience and emotion. Gonzalez uses the face, human figure, and his unique painting style to capture portraits of life-altering experiences through quiet moments.


Karin Holzer


Long Island, NY

Karin Holzer is a lifelong artist whose work is inspired by her background in architecture and draws inspiration from impressionist era influences. She has a special passion for painting water lilies using a unique three-dimensional luminous effect, bringing to life small details in structure and composition.

Hallie Packard


Brooklyn, New York

Hallie Packard is inspired by miraculous moments in nature that might seem mundane at first glance, but that sparkle with enchantment, seen or unseen. Growing up with the woods as her playground, she felt a kinship with the natural environment and a deep-seated belief in its magic; a recognition of beauty amidst chaos. Packard’s artworks serve as a reminder of the wonder that abounds and the respect and care it deserves.


Chase Parker


Tampa, Florida

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Chase Parker creates mind-mending illusions using mixed-media art. He works with a variety of materials, from traditional media like painting, paper, and sculpture, and non-traditional media like books, vellum, and bullet shells. He transforms his materials into fantastical two and three-dimensional artworks that explore the idea of personal growth.


Laura Pawlik


Denver, Colorado

Laura Pawlik is a visual author of a memoir of dreams. Inspired by the practices of Carl Jung, she began painting her dreams in 2010. Each of her multi-layered paintings is haunting and beautiful, telling stories rich in meaning and exploring the artist’s unconscious life through family ghosts and familiar surroundings.


Elaine Schloss


Valley Cottage, New York

Elaine Schloss has had a life-long passion for art, singing, and musical theater spanning eight decades. Her love for drama explains the vibrant and bold color and line throughout her work. Ranging from realistic to semi-abstract, her art explores faces, figures, emotion, form, and color rendered in vibrant acrylics.


Inspiration artwork


Inspiration around every corner.

Founded by Richard Kessler in 1984, Kessler Collection® is a visionary hospitality brand curating art, music, cuisine, culture and design throughout each hotel and experience, inspiring guests from around the world.

Richard Kessler

Richard C. Kessler

Chairman & CEO, The Kessler Collection

Richard C. Kessler is a visionary who has combined his creativity and vast entrepreneurial knowledge to build The Kessler Collection and its many brands. Kessler has been an avid art collector for more than 50 years and is passionate about discovering lesser-known artists, adding their work to his ever-growing eclectic collection. Each of Kessler’s hotel properties feature hundreds of pieces of artwork from his personal collection, adding ambiance and setting the stage for guests to create memorable moments. 

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