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  • Habitat Feed & Social
  • Grand Bohemian Mountain Brook Exterior
  • Welcome to the Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook.

    Luxury collides with a side of contemporary at the most unique boutique hotel in Mountain Brook. Here, you won’t find small details—instead let your curiosity roam free through all the wonderful twists, turns and finishes saturated with larger-than-life character. Mountain Brook’s most distinctive hotel dares you to escape reality, filled with unusual curiosities and adorned by art, beyond anything you’ve seen before.

  • Let temptation lead.

    Steal an afternoon to spend in the gorgeous fountain pool, obey your temptations at Poseidon Spa and head to Habitat Feed & Social’s rooftop terrace for an incredible meal offset by colorful scents of the nearby botanical gardens.

  • Explore your art side.

    Retreat into the Grand Bohemian Art Gallery in Mountain Brook and get lost among the curated mix of original art pieces and discover their stories, whether traditional, contemporary or delightfully unusual.

  • Habitat Feed and Social Restaurant
  • Habitat Feed & Social

    When regional cuisine is unexpectedly elevated and the freshest ingredients are hand-selected each season, food goes beyond expectation. It becomes a meal with unforgettable flavor and an experience that must be tasted to be believed. Habitat Feed & Social stands apart from other restaurants in Mountain Brook, creating an irresistible alchemy of flavors from land and sea. After dinner, step out onto the terrace to indulge in a signature cocktail at the finest rooftop bar in Mountain Brook.

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Heat things up.

Cooking School is not just for the ultra foodie. It’s for all who wish to feed their curiosity, explore a different side, taste something new and make a wonderful mess in a state-of-the-art kitchen.

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