Where Expected Ends, Exceptional Begins

For exceptional weddings, events and life moments, expect the extraordinary.


Add a Bohemian twist.

When you’re seeking a party venue, downtown Orlando delivers, with a dose of unexpected ambiance. Allow us to add art to your celebration and something completely unconventional, like an illuminated table and mirrored walls. Your memories have never looked so good.

Kessler Weddings
Kessler Weddings


Imagine it differently.

Go beyond the ordinary and make a bold statement. One of the most anticipated days of your life transforms into a masterpiece, set apart by a dramatic backdrop and details beyond your expectations. Allow us to set the stage for your story and make it extraordinary.


Meet where inspiration finds you.

Give your ideas room to spread their wings in a space designed to amplify creativity. Find inspiration in the hallways lined with original paintings and leave room for the seemingly impossible. Our intuitive service takes care of every detail making collaboration and inspiration nearly effortless.