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Why Now Is A Terrific Time To Visit Greenville, South Carolina’s Most Charming Town

February 8, 2023

You’ve been hearing a lot about Greenville, South Carolina, in recent years—and that’s because it has something for everybody. With a population hovering around 75,000, South Carolina’s most charming town is where big city cool meets small-town America.

Downtown’s tree-lined main street could be plucked from a postcard, and Reedy River, along with the roaring Reedy River Falls, ripple right through the heart of the city—lending it an even more special feel. And because so many global companies (including Michelin, BMW, and Bosch) have headquarters and operations in the area, Greenville boasts a wonderfully diverse population. There’s also an incredible number of locally-owned restaurants and shops ready to show you their own unique style of Southern hospitality, and the weather is blissfully mild—even during this time of year.

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