Traveling in the Wellness Era

Spring 2019 ISSUE

TheList Traveling in the wellness era

With the start of a new year, it’s normal to crave a cleanse in your travel routine. A new concept called wellness travel invites you to plan a trip that enhances your physical and mental health. If you have the power to pause your life for a few days, make it a vacation you’ll enjoy even after it ends. Picture it as a break from your stresses to improve your well-being and happiness.

Start with a purpose

What are you trying to achieve? It doesn’t matter how many days you’re going away, set an intention at the beginning of your trip to guide you through your experiences. Decide whether you want to boost your creativity, expand your mind, relieve stress or simply focus on being more present. Then, explore different areas of your life that you want to commit to improving, like fitness, healthy eating, self-care, or mindfulness. Once you define your purpose, it can help you make decisions on the details of your trip.

Find your quiet place

A wellness trip will offer you more than just an escape from your usual environment. It can lift your spirits and release the pressures of everyday life. Consider which settings make you feel the most relaxed. If you prefer calm waves washing over you, make your way to the beach. Or, if you’re seeking a wildlife adventure with waterfalls and hiking trails, you may end up in the mountains. Once you define your surroundings, you can begin to reconnect with your spirit and replenish neglected areas with a new sense of adventure.


Engage in activities

Your vision for overall health is enhanced by unique activities that take you outside your comfort zone. Including physical activity as part of your intention can help clear your mind. If you’re determined to introduce new fitness challenges to your usual routine, add outdoor adventures like paddle boarding, rock climbing, surfing lessons or nature trail walks. If you’re experiencing creative blocks and searching for inspiration, sign up for a poetry workshop, art or cooking class that can help you engage different senses and change your perspective. There’s no shame in dedicating a whole trip to mindfulness and self-care, so pamper yourself and schedule a targeted spa treatment every day in your itinerary.

Elevate your travels

Immersing yourself in a wellness vacation can set the tone for the rest of the year. When you shift how you travel and design your vacation to focus on your own self-improvement, you can return home feeling refreshed and in a better state of mind.