The Thrill of the Hunt

July | August 2018 ISSUE

Cecchini Leopard Painting

No, they’re not photographs. We know, it’s hard to tell. That’s part of Stefano Cecchini’s magic.

Stefano Cecchini was born on May 5, 1957 in Rimini, Italy. As an adult he graduated with a political science degree from the University of Bologna, but decided to make a career out of his passion for painting. In November 1984, he collaborated with Federico Fellini to paint scenery for a film called Ginger & Fred. The film work drove him to Rome then Milan, where he decided to stay and teach art at the European Institute of Design.

Cecchini’s paintings are often exotic portraits of hyperrealism African wildlife and culture, including portraits inspired by the art of safari, but lately he’s introduced other animals into his collection, like wolves.

He is also known for painting on wood, and using oil and tempera to create a trompe l’oeil effect by using a realistic image to create an optical illusion.

Stefano is considered a core artist of the Grand Bohemian Art Gallery for his ability to capture great beauty through careful attention to detail. He unveils his new collection of paintings biannually with a Grand Art Tour to every property, including a special opportunity to interact with him personally as he showcases his work.