The Bow Tie is Back

July | August 2018 ISSUE

Brackish Bow Ties


A necktie will always be a necktie. Classic. Tried and true. But bow ties give your style a little twist—and they’re not just for tuxes anymore. There are some interesting materials out there like silicon, wood, burlap and cork. And then there are Brackish bow ties, which are designed with real feathers.

Brackish bow ties are made to challenge the necktie with their vibrant colors and unique materials. The sustainably sourced, hand-selected fabrics include various textures like pheasant, guinea, rooster and quail feathers. They’ve been spotted on the red carpet by several celebrities like Bill Murray, Blake Lively, Lena Waithe, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Cam Newton.

Brackish bow ties were inspired by the great outdoors and started by college friends Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner. When Ross was getting married, he wanted to design something special for his groomsmen that wasn’t store bought. He noticed feathers and bow ties sitting on a table and realized the tapering and natural structure would pair perfectly. From there, Plotner convinced him to start a business and now each bow tie is handcrafted by artisans in about four to five hours. They pay very close attention to the size, color, match, taper and flow of the feathers to prove durability. Each tie comes wrapped in burlap with its own description and instructions on how to care for it properly.

They are sold on the Brackish website and nationwide with stores spanning from Vermont to San Francisco, and internationally with stores in England. You can also find them in Grand Bohemian Art Galleries along with an exclusive tie created just for Kessler.

Step up your style. Tie it in a bow.