Master the Art of Giving

Nov | Dec 2018 ISSUE

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Master the art of giving

Celebrating the holidays usually involves big family dinners, opening presents and festive-themed parties. Everyone has their own traditions, but you can always introduce a new one to the mix. In honor of the season of giving, here are a few ways you can bring joy to someone else’s life.

Feed your community

The holidays would be nothing without sitting around the dinner table enjoying delicious meals with your family. There are plenty of ways to make sure everyone in your community has the opportunity to enjoy a traditional holiday feast. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, purchase a meal for a family in need at your grocery store, or cook a little extra of your own meal and bring it over to your elderly neighbors. Don’t forget about those who work over the holidays, too. Making lunches and delivering them to workers in emergency services, hospitals and retail stores is a great way to keep their holiday spirits lifted.

Donate your time

Leave your phone at home and carve out a few hours to volunteer. Whether you’re collecting donations for a local organization or reading to residents at a nursing home, it’s a great way to make others feel appreciated and incite holiday cheer. There are children at your local hospital who won’t be spending the holidays at home, consider creating get well cards for the pediatric unit. You can also direct your attention to busy family members with a crowded schedule. Offer to babysit their kids, look after their pet, or give them a ride to the airport.

Express your gratitude

Pause and reflect on your regular interactions with people. There are restaurant servers, hair stylists, lawn care providers and mail carriers that would never expect you to show your appreciation for their exceptional service with an extra holiday tip. Elevate the moment by including a special message that expresses your gratitude for their hard work. Not only does it convey how much they’re valued, but it also encourages them to keep treating others with the same level of attention.

Attend a charity event

Seek out a special event in your community with a philanthropic purpose. Challenge your aunts, uncles and cousins to sign up for a holiday 5K, where proceeds will be donated to a cause close to your heart. Attend a holiday gala or a silent auction in honor of a local organization. Not every child will open presents during the holidays, but you can sign up for your local toy drive and surprise them with a shiny new doll, skateboard or truck.

Leave your mark

Spreading acts of kindness can turn a regular holiday celebration into an opportunity to make an impact on the world. The best part about giving back is there’s no right or wrong way to do it, and even a small act can make a big impression. Whether you donate time or money, do your part to make someone else’s holiday a little brighter this year.