Journey to an Unknown Destination

Sept | Oct 2018 ISSUE

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Do you travel to feel something new and reset your state of mind? If so, make room for purely unplanned experiences with the latest trend—Travel Roulette. It’s a new concept that challenges you to choose your destination on the day of travel and depart without a planned itinerary. Skip the stress of planning the perfect trip and surrender to carefree travel where spontaneous decisions lead the way.


It’s your vacation and you’re in control of creating the rules. So write them down and hold yourself accountable. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Set a budget and stick to it.

This affects every aspect of your journey, specifically your mode of transportation. It will also determine how many days you’ll be away and what type of excursions you’ll include.

Begin your adventure early in the morning.

Head to the airport or train station and quickly choose a destination. Starting early gives you the most options. You can even ask the ticket agent to help you decide. If you’re traveling by car, ask the passengers to throw out ideas, get creative with a map or phone a friend and let them choose your destination.

Resist the urge to research in advance.

Keep an open mind and stay away from the apps and travel blogs until the day of departure. This will prevent spoiling the joy of the hunt and preserve your trip’s theme of going with the flow.

Book your room in person.

Searching hotels online is not as much fun as hunting for an old-fashioned vacancy sign or walking into a vintage hotel. Once you arrive at your desired destination, stroll around and check out the hotels until you find one that fits your style. Then, negotiate and discover the real advantage of booking local.


Whether you’re embracing the autumn leaves, hitting the hiking trails, or discovering fall festivals, here are a few tips from other Travel Roulette pros.

Pack your water bottle and comfortable shoes to trek around the local area. The trick to a great trip is wandering like a stranger. Stumble into a neighborhood restaurant or ask locals for the hometown hidden gems. Wherever you go, immerse yourself completely in each place so you can gather a better perspective on the way life moves there.

Pick up a paper map just in case you end up without any service. Getting lost can definitely lead to new adventures, but it can also take up valuable time. This will help you change directions quickly when the fun fades.

Relax. The beauty of a last minute itinerary is that technically nothing will go “as planned.” So you’re perfectly positioned to appreciate the detours and adapt to the happy accidents. More often than not, those are the moments you’ll remember most.

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