Give Fall Traditions a Twist

Sept | Oct 2018 ISSUE

The List Inspired Drinks

September signifies the beginning of autumn, bringing with it fall-inspired experiences and flavors. While coffee shops are stocking up on their pumpkin spices, bars are bringing back seasonal favorites and introducing trendy new drinks to their menus. One such trend is beer cocktails, a perfect choice during Oktoberfest. This 16-day German festival is filled with attractions, games, food, and of course, plenty of beer. While a trip to Munich may not be in the cards, consider leaving your comfort zone behind and paying tribute to the 218-year-old tradition by indulging in an inspired beer cocktail.

Beer cocktails cater to beer connoisseurs and craft cocktail lovers alike, combining beer and your choice of liquor or mixer. The earliest proof of this concept was discovered in King Midas’ tomb in 750 BC, where chemical evidence determined barley, grapes, and honey were all present in the same pot. Since then, people all over the world have been testing out different concoctions, mixing beer with other types of beers, spirits, or juices. There are no rules to crafting these cocktails, but there are ways to make them stand out.

As the name suggests, the secret to a tasty beer cocktail is the beer. To highlight and preserve the unique character of the beer you’ve selected, choose spirits or mixers with complementary flavors that won’t overpower the beer flavor. Stout and wheat beers tend to be the most popular choices. Wheat beer highlights various flavors from fruity to spicy and stout pairs best with bolder ingredients. With Oktoberfest around the corner, Märzen style beer will take center stage, offering lightly toasted, spicy malt flavors that pair well with any mixer.

On your next trip to the bar, abandon your go-to drink and try a beer cocktail.