Gift Yourself a Twist on the Familiar

Nov | Dec 2018 ISSUE

The List Travel

With December right around the corner, it’s time to start planning how, and where, you’ll be spending the holidays. If you’re craving excitement and comfort, without the hassle of traveling or hosting, consider planning a staycation this season. Explore your town in a brand new way by giving into your adventurous spirit and indulging in experiences outside your comfort zone.

Enjoy a luxurious hotel stay

Imagine someone who has never visited your city before asking for recommendations on where to stay—what would you suggest? Research hotels in your area and find one that offers all of the amenities and services that will contribute to your relaxation. To add to the excitement of your trip, book a room that comes with a balcony, pool view, or in-room hot tub.

Splurge on extraordinary experiences

Staying local doesn’t have to mean sticking to the ordinary. Abandon your usual spots and challenge yourself to think, and act, like a tourist. Take the specialty cooking class you’ve had your eye on, or spend an entire day immersing yourself in a new exhibit at the museum you’ve yet to visit. Is there a show or concert coming to town? Find special events and allow yourself to be lured into doing something unexpected.

Treat yourself to a luxe spa day

While the holidays are an exciting and enjoyable time of year, it’s no secret that they can also induce a bit of stress. Escape the chaos and indulge in a lush spa day that will melt your tension away. Spoil yourself and turn it into a full pampering session complete with a massage, facial, and other enhancements to maximize your relaxation.

Wine and dine without lifting a finger

Some of the best meals are the ones we don’t have to prepare. Instead of ordering room service, slip into your evening best and dine at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Many restaurants will offer special menus around the holidays, so give into temptation and enjoy artfully prepared dishes that will satisfy all of your cravings. Enhance the evening by ordering a bottle of wine and saving room for dessert.

Staycations are a unique way to reacquaint yourself with your city while enjoying the benefits of being on vacation—minus the travel hassles. Add a twist to your holiday season by giving yourself the gift of exploring your city in a different way and getting lost in new adventures.