Chairman and CEO of The Kessler Collection, Richard Kessler, has brought his vision of creating inspiring places and experiences to life when creating the Grand Bohemian brand. Kessler Collection hotels are located in places people want to be, not necessarily where they have to be—destinations rich in culture, art, and atmosphere. It all started In 1979, when he explored Europe and came across several boutique hotels that he found charming and successful. This planted the seed to create his own brand that would inspire many generations to come. He was introduced to the name “Bohemian” when visiting the Bohemian Club in California. He fell in love with the carefree vibes of California spirit, merged it with European Bohemian Lifestyle, and has now incorporated it into every aspect of the brand.

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The marriage of past and present Bohemian is evident throughout the Kessler Collection. Those who followed the Bohemian Lifestyle in old Europe valued beauty, art, music, truth, and love. There is not an inch of any hotel that doesn’t speak to this. Every hallway is filled with art, and every step you take will be choreographed to the music that is hand-selected per property. You step into a place free of judgement that invites you to wander, and you’re tempted to explore your own truth as you see the beauty of the unconventional and feel a new love for all things culture. Richard’s passion for art is where it all began, as it is said that he created hotels to have a place to display and admire the art he collected. And that love continues to drive him to keep collecting and searching for artists that inspire him. In the words of Richard Kessler, “When you start collecting something that inspires you, you just keep building the collection with passion.”

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Each hotel has its own personality. Each place you visit tells a different story. Escape to a Bavarian Hunter’s Lodge and marvel at the mountains at the Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville. Sit back, relax, and enjoy old Florida charm at the romantic Bohemian Hotel Celebration. Immerse yourself in the art of cooking at 700 Drayton Cooking School at Mansion on Forsyth Park, or enjoy a walk down River Street and experience breathtaking views of the Savannah sunset at Rocks on the Roof at The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront.

No matter which location you choose to explore, whether you’re just stopping for a drink, strolling in our Grand Bohemian Art Galleries, checking in at the front desk, or taking a selfie at our many coveted Instagram-worthy spots throughout the hotels, you’re sure to arrive curious and leave inspired. That’s the Kessler promise.

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